Why cant I see the Mot_PWM_type parameter?

I am trying to set up this new plane and I normally go to the mot_PWM_type parameter to set up the ESC. Screenshot shows the settings available with mot_ search. I also tried using the ESC calibration tab and received a "set param error. Please ensure your version is AC3.3+. This is a fresh install of firmware on a brand new cube. I also noticed I
ESC calibration error

am not getting any servo output on the throttle chanel but the other three channels come through. Is this related to the ESC calibration not being setup?

I dont think that’s your fault or because of ESC calibration at all.
I’ve seen something similar recently with Copter - here in the discuss forum, not personally. I dont know what the outcome was.
It’s like the firmware hasn’t found the IOMCU.

Is it a Cube Orange , or Cube Orange**+** ?
I would reload the firmware to latest stable and ensure you select the correct Cube series. If the firmware wont change (it’s already installed) then I’d probably install Rover then back to Plane.

MOT_PWM_TYPE doesn’t exist for Plane, but it’s there for Copter. In Plane you have Q_M_PWM_TYPE for VTOL motors, and SERVO_BLH_OTYPE for motors listed in SERVO_BLH_MASK.

Yes true, sorry.
The other case I linked to was copter though

Ahh ok this is my first time setting up a plane…coming from the copter side.