Why BeagleBone Blue?

I am looking for a compelling argument to build my industrial rover around BeagleBone Blue. Is there one?

And what is beagelpilot? A modified fork of ardupilot that could be discontinued?

I’m have the same question. Bump!

the BeagleBone Blue is not yet ready for a full Rover implementation.
Its missing the quadrature encoder-decoder (QEP) and brushed PWM using the internal PRU.
These feature are needed for the new Rover release to work as a hobby grade vehicle.

Industrial vehicles are generally using more advanced motor controller that have built-in PID and ramp profile based and arel including the quadrature encoder-decoder, making the use case for a hobby grade robotic system a little marginal.

About the BeaglePilot: You can read here https://github.com/BeaglePilot/beaglepilot
BeaglePilot project aims to create the first Linux-based autopilot for flying robots using the BeagleBone and this project is now inactive.

The only other working product using the BeagleBone is @mirkix excellent implementation on a DIY cape called the BBBMINI

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I know this is an old post - but I recently started my project to build a 220mm drone during Beaglebone Blue. Since the BBBlue already has the cape integrated - I am still trying to figure out how to get ArduPilot on the system. The only resource I found after hours of searching was iamfatant’s guide.


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