Why are all parameters downloaded each time?

I was wondering if it is really necessary to download all param on each connection. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to download only necessary param for the flight and eventually download complete list if/when a user goes in the param page to change something?
Maybe it is not possible and i am only saying a stupid thing :slight_smile:

You are using wrong GCS.
In Windows world/methodology, you need to watch it as one thing at a time as it happens.
Try APMPlanner2 or QGroundcontrol (QGC) and discover technology that came after the 1980’s

Both APM and QGC lack some key functionality i need on my application, such as completely configurable joystick and rtk injection, and, as far as i know, both download full set of param at startup just like MP. Don’t understand what you are referring to.
That being said, MP may not be pretty looking but it greatly serves my application, i was just wondering if the param download at beginning could be quicker/shorter.
I guess my question is, does MP need all param to work?

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Increase the parameter stream rate and that full parameter download will go very quickly. I have SRx_PARAMS set for I believe 30 or 40hz now and it zips right through very quickly. The default is painfully slow and annoying.


Thanks will try, i tought 10hz was maximum allowed.

The parameter description says that but it is capable of plenty more and not actually limited. As with any of the stream rates, if you set them too high, it can get corrupt and messy. But at least the parameter stream seems perfectly happy at 30-40hz.

Thank you very much, will try!!

lol you’re welcome. With a typical copter having over a 1,000 parameters to download these days, it definitely restored some sanity!

I have my serial connection speed set to 1500000bps and my SRx_PARAMS set at 100 - I got sick of waiting long ago…

Tested this morning at 40, works great, it now takes 3-4 seconds to download. I guess i lost few hours of my life waiting for params in the last years. Really thank you!!!