Whole drone rotating directly after launch

I just built a TBS Discovery with a APM 2.8 as the flightcontroller. a huge thanks the guides here!
im having problems with the first flight though.
When i arm the drone and try to hover the drone whole spinns uncontrollably.
it can spinn in both directions but always uncontrollably. my guess is something with the yaw gyro
we tried changing the PID values but saw no difference. searched around but haven’t found any answers to this issue. What might be wrong here?

very grateful for any help!

Drone build:
APM 2.8
TBS discovery
Mistery 30A ESC
readytosky 2212 915 KV
3s 2200mah battery
power module
GPS/compass module
sikradio 433 mHz

What’s you Flight Controller ?

Sorry missed that part, apm 2.8
could it be the compass jumper om the apm board?
i get bad compass health

Aron, are you trying to enjoy flying a multicopter or more into trying to revive very old pieces of hardware !? Because for the latter you’ll first need alot of experience with the former.

Retire for the moment that old 8-bit piece of hardware, aquire a modern 32-bit Flight Controller, go through the wiki and set it up properly, enjoy flying, then you can go back and try to make the ancient APM take off properly :slight_smile:

yeah, i know it is deprecated and no longer supported.
if you say so i will take your advise.
i have a Holybro kakute F7 AIO. from what i can read it supports ardupilot.
is that a worthy candidate or should i look at something else?

That’s a great Flight Controller for Arducopter.