Which version of ArduPlane 3.9.0 for Pixhawk/Pixracer?

Of all these, which one is for Pixhawk and Pixracer? (I already figured that it is not the Navio choices).



The other firmware told you :


FMUv2: Single board with STM32427VI processor (Pixhawk 1, HKPilot32, Pixfalcon, DroPix)
FMUv3: Identical to FMUv2, but usable flash doubled to 2MB (Pixhawk 2, mRo Pixhawk, Pixhawk Mini)
FMUv4: Increased RAM. Faster CPU. More serial ports. No IO processor (Pixracer)
FMUv4-PRO: Slightly increased RAM. More serial ports. IO processor (Pixhawk 3 Pro)
FMUv5: New processor (F7). Much faster. More RAM. More CAN busses. Much more configurable.(Pixhawk 4)

So for pixhawk it’s FMUv2 and for pixracer FMUv4

What is Pixhawk 4? I’ve never seen this hardware in any shop.

New hardware still in development by PX4 : watch page 15 here = Introducing PX4 v1.7 | PPT Will be available in mid 2018
I like how they describe boards … Pixhawk 2 upgrade is useless if you have Pixhawk 1! Simple but well resumed.

One shop have it :

Thanks kikislater,

I suppose Mission Planner detects what kind of hardware is connected and pushes the appropriate version of the software.


Yes with BRD_TYPE but 3.9 fw is beta at this time

The same problem ı had, Which pixhawk suitable PX 2.4.8 or any other FMUv2 types