Which version has RSSI_RANGE implemented?


Sorry for waking this old thread issue to life, but I think I might have run into a similar issue?

I am running the latest 3.1.x Tricopter release, and I cannot find RSSI_RANGE in Full Parameters List in Mission Planner, only RSSI_PIN. Is this is similar issue with the Tricopter version build?

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@ Tringe, unfortunatelly the RSSI_RANGE parameter is missing in the apm copter 3.1.5 and 3.1.4 and 3.1.3 didn’t check earlier version. could you check what is wrong there, also, on apm2.6 what would be the best RSSI_PIN number to use. Thank you!

I am running 3.2 rc2 now and RSSI_RANGE is there fine now. I have set it to 3.3V and it is working fine with my FrSky D4R-II connected to my APM 2.5.2 flight controller on pin 5. But it seems to be missing from the 3.1.x versions, for some odd reason?