Which stable APM Plane firmware for APM2.5 (Skywalker)


I am building a skywalker 1680 for FPV with APM2.5. I am a newbie. I just need safe and stable version in the start for a stabilized flight mostly in stable mode, RTH in emergencies and FBWA.

Can some one point be to the version that is most stable. I dont need advanced features. Would APM Plane 3.03 be a good start ??

Can somebody using APM 2.5 hardware on skywalker guide me for parameter settings for new firmware release as they need to vary from firmware to firmware.

Thanks in advance


You can use the latest one, its very stable with no major issues so far plus all the bug fixes. Some of the advanced features are disabled for APM2.5 due to lack of space.

I was used the APM latest version without any problem using skywalker 1680, I recommend this version because have new features and work good.