Which Radio controller is better for quadcopters Mode 1 or Mode 2


I need some advice on which radio controller type to choose for flying drones.
I have been flying fixed wing radio controlled airplanes for about 15 years and I just started building and flying drones this year. However, when I started abroad, I started with a Mode 1 radio controller.
I have noticed that here in North América most radio controllers and drones use Mode 2.
I have tried flying quadcopters with Mode 2 and it seems I could get used to that, but I don’t want to be switching on and off as I think it could jeoparadize my performance and even become the cause of an accident, so I want to make a thorough decisión before deciding which mode to use from now, on and stick to that.

If anyone has had a similar experience or has advice on which mode would be most suitable I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

I would recommend keeping pitch and roll on the same stick so mode 2 is what I would recommend.


Just stick to what you feel best. I am using mode 2. No way will I be switching. There is no right or wrong. The only wrong is choosing one less suited. Only thing is my multicopter joystick must both be self centered.


My colleague flies planes in mode 1 and copters in mode 2, as long as you don’t fly VTOLs there should be no issues.

As Ardupilot can provide some turn coordination for planes I would argue that mode 2 is better but it is best not to introduce changes like that when test flying an aircraft as it can easily end in a wreckage.

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I would highly recommend Mode 2 and spring-centered throttle (and spring-centered for all sticks) for Copter

The spring-centered throttle is handy for just letting go of the sticks and the copter will hover, instead of rising or falling. Ask those who switched to Stabilise mode with the throttle down :frowning:
Use: PILOT_THR_BHV,1 (I always use 7)

I decided to change my radio transmitter controller from Mode 1 to mode 2, and although it took me a few days to get used to it, I feel it is more comfortable to be able to control the movements of the drone just with the right stick and the height/throttle with the left stick.