Which parameter equivalent for an RC tx exponential setting


Is there actually any equivalent setting to RC transmitter exponential in arducopter itself? I would like to set some exponential curve for pitch/roll/yaw to tame down the initial movement and gradually have more authority the further I push the sticks.

Many would advise against setting anything in the transmitter (for Ardupilot) but we have some expo set in both Taranis X9D+ and TX16S for exactly the reason you mention.

The parameter you want to start with is ATC_INPUT_TC - the default is 0.15, try increasing it to 0.2 or putting it on a tuning knob/Channel 6 to figure out what works best for you


The full list of input shaping params are here:

Already played with ATC_INPUT_TC but I have noticed it only quiets things down in a linear way, not exponentially.
How about altering ACRO_RP_EXPO. Or is it only used for acro mode? I plan to mostly use stabilized and althold modes.

I believe the ACRO_x_EXPO settings only apply to Acro mode

I use some expo and rates on my planes but only for manual mode. You can set the expo and rate values to a global variable. Then when the mode switch is in the manual position a special function will change the GV from 100 to whatever expo or rate you want. Bit of a mess to set up but it’s worked great for me.

Regarding ATC_INPUT_TC, is 0.5 the minimum value I can set?