Which Maxbotix sensor? I2C or not, for object avoidance

Hi all,

I have hacked together my first Ardupilot Rover. It has a plywood deck, two cordless drill motors, two Pololu G2 motor drivers, a FlySky FS-i6 Transmitter With FS-iA6B Receiver, and a Pixhawk kit with GPS and compass. It is powered by a heavy 17Ah SLA battery.

For the benefit of any new readers: yes, you do need the RC controller to set everything up…

Anyway, to my question. I want to add two sonar obstacle detectors to the Rover. The wiki suggests Maxbotix analog sensors, but I see that the I2C models are also supported.

Can I connect two Maxbotix I2C sensors to the Pixhawk for obstacle avoidance (in Rover mode)? The Rover will perform autonomous manoeuvres on private land but it needs to avoid trees, posts, walls, etc.

They’re about $40 each, so I need to be sure they work. I am willing to fiddle around with them to get them going well.