Which lidar sensor is suitable for hover mode?

Hi, I’m caught between a few products. one of them is HereFlow, other models are Garmin’s Lidar V3 & V4 and TF Mini Plus. I want to hover in the air when there is no GPS.

Garmin Lidar V4 working with LED, but V3 with ToF Which of these products is it logical to buy?

I use the TF mini and the hover is great…however the lidar only tells the drone how high it is. Not where it is. So it will drift with no GPS. But the altitude will be good.

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Here is a video showing the TF Mini in Action.
Does a real nice job.

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Wow thank you for answers, can i use TF mini in Loiter, Pos Hold and Alt Hold ?

There is a Wiki. Google “Arducopter rangefinder” will get you there.


I already have this product Can I use it with the pixhawk ? I could not see this product in the documentation. https://www.robotis.us/360-laser-distance-sensor-lds-01-lidar/


If it’s not on the list perhaps there is no driver for it.

For now Lidar will downgrade the quality of flight in Arducopter.GPS and barometer is enough. It’s not worth to buy lidar and use it for altitude estimation.