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Which is the latestworking state in arduplane-fw/bl for pixhawk 2.1 the cube?

(smilie) #1

I change from px4+nuttx to arduplane+chibios (3.9.8?)

Now i have no power on my vdd_5v_periph_en line for powering the gps-port and i2c-port.

I have no idea, how can i get the normal function back.


(Amilcar Lucas) #2

Try the latest snapshot from master plane, some changes have been done yesterday to the power rail power sequencing.

(smilie) #3

You mean this Link?

Ist the vdd_5v_periph_en Pin activated? Ich miss the Power on GPS.

Mandy thanks.

(smilie) #4

i use with the
without sussess. The Power for GPS keeps down.

Is there all right?

(Amilcar Lucas) #5

looks like you have an hardware issue then.

(smilie) #6

I can not beleaf this, because the power-supply of vdd_5v_Periph is protected by BQ24315, a overvoltage and over current circuit.


And i remember that the LED from ArmSwitch not works since the update of chibios.

So i think, the problem is in the firmware.

(smilie) #7

Sorry, you are right.

There is a short circuit in the last stage of power supply.
Possible the Diodes, Capacitors or the BQ24315 itself.


(smilie) #8

Now i have the result for my research.
The BQ24315 has the short circuit.
The reason is probability a short circuit in i2c.

But i wondering anyway, the BQ24315 shall protect me for the short circuit.
I do not realy understand this behavior.

(...) #9

Are you sure you aren’t seeing this issue?

(smilie) #10

Ah yes, this comes to late for me.

I receive the Email from my reseller after i upgrade the firmware.

Anyway, i do not understand, why the chip does protect against the input-overcurrent and not the output-overcurrent.