Which ground control software for Pixhawk Cube orange?

Hi there,
i´m a newbie with cube orange and herelink remote controller.
So i have a question: which configuration software i must use to set up alle the parameters into the cube orange flight controller?
I have uploaded the arducopter firmware on the cube orange and set it up for an X8 Quad multicopter.
Mission planner on windows?
QGroundControl on windows?
QGroundcontrol (android)on the herelink remote control?

What is recommended?
Thanks in advance!

For setting everything up I prefer Mission Planner. Personal preference as both will do the job

QGC and MP both are pretty good. MP is more feature enhanced so used by us and @smartdave mentioned because we love to tinker with our UAVs.

You can pick one try it and can switch to other and can go back and forth.

Just save your settings when switching between platforms.

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Mission planner is by far the best option.

Unless you need a GCS for IOS, or Linux, or OSX, or Android.

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