Which FW version of 3.1.2 am I running?

Looking at my dataflash logs in MP 1.3.5 it shows in a MSG that I’m running FW “ArduCopter V3.1.2 (e2ed3dd1)”. Looking in the MP “Load Custom Firmware” list it shows 2 versions of 3.1.2:

AR2.45 AP 2.78b AC 3.1.2 and
AR2.45 AP 3.0.1 AC 3.1.2

How can I tell which 3.1.2 I’m running from MP? What does the “AP” part of the version mean?

Please let me know if I should post this someplace else as technically I’m asking a FW question, not MP.



AR=ArduRover, AP=ArduPlane

Ah, so AC is ArduCoper I assume. That means that both the listed 3.1.2 FW are different for AP but the same functionality for AC? Therefore my quad could run either and have the exact same functionality?

Last question: am I correct that MP would show the same 3.1.2 FW version for my quad no matter which of the 3.1.2 files I load?

Thanks for the help as I’m trying to understand what I’m loading in my little 3DR quad so I don’t have a user induced screwup (at least in this aspect!).


This hobby has too many abbreviations for AP. ArduPlane, auto pilot, aerial photography, it’s easy to get confused!