Which firmware do I need

Hi, I’m new to the hobby. I’m trying to build a quadcopter. I have a pixhawk px4 I think. It says 2.4.6 on the outer case. I don’t understand which firmware I need to flash for my configuration. When I use mission planner and pick Copter, I’m as to choose ‘Platform’. I have no idea what this means and can’t find documentation discussing what this is. I feel I have a problem because when I test my motor in mission planner, it always assumes I have an octocopter. I’m assuming this issue is due to selecting the wrong firmware, maybe?


Use firmware for Pixhawk 1
You click on the quadcopter symbol, although it desont make much difference at that stage, then pick Pixhawk 1 firmware - usually only compatible options are shown based on the USB device detected.

then reconnect

and go back into Setup / Mandatory / Frame type
In Frame Class at the top click on the 4 rotor quadcopter symbol (even though it is a “plus” configuration)
In Frame Type click the “X” configuration symbol below that.

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