Which FC with GPS for Align T-Rex 450 FBL

Good evening,
maybe I have the opportunity to try to install a FC with GPS and external compass on an Align T-Rex 450 FBL. As there is not much room, which FC and external GPS can I install and above all where can I buy them, even used ones?
Thank you

I have a Trex 450 with a Mro X2.1 FC and a Mro GPS module. I recommend using a Matek H743 instead, it has a built in Voltage regulator for the FC and another for the servos, it also measures the voltage and current, very impressed with it, I put one on my Trex 470.

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Nice looking setup! Love the Matek Flight Controllers.

Have you looked at the traditional helicopter wiki. In the mounting the autopilot section, there is a video where I discuss what to consider when choosing a place to mount your controller.

I think side mounting it to the frame is a good choice as @ggibbons has done.

Thanks for the advice. Now I look where I can buy it. Any indication?

Yes, I watched the video. As an inexperienced I thought of installing it in the place where the Flaybarless control unit is now. But I will follow all your advice on this. Thank you

Sorry. Which GPS do you use paired with the FC Matek H743? Thank you

I used the mRo SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag (Medium Size) M10038 with the Matek H743 FC shown on the Trex 470 in the pictures above, side note, I purchased 2 Matek M8Q-5883 GPS and compass modules but have only tried them on the bench with the Matek FC, will put one on my 3rd Trex 470

I used the older mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N Dual Compass LIS3MDL+ IST8308 on the Trex 450 (shown above in the picture), on another Trex 470 and on two older Trex 550E V2 helis

The Matek H743-Wing V3 Flight Controller shows up on Graves RC, Race Day Quads and Progressive RC web sites and probably others, I purchased 2 of them from Graves RC no issues.

I bought a used rc helicopter today. It is, as mentioned, an electric Align T-Rex 450 BFL. I’m happy. Now I have to buy the HR and GPS.

Hi, today I bought the Matek H743-Wing V3. I can’t find the GPS you recommended; any other advice? Thank you

Hi, could this be okay? Thank you

Yes, should be fine, I have a couple of these, I purchased them from Graves RC but have not flown using them. Here is a link to the mRo GPS module I mounted on my Trex 470 mRo SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag (Medium Size) M10038

I looked at the site you indicated to me, unfortunately shipping to Italy costs 50% of the price of the GPS. I almost take the other one. First I look to see if I can find a shop with lower shipping costs. Thank you

Hello, the helicopter has arrived. Now I wait for the FC and GPS. In the meantime, I would like a suggestion on the receiver to use. I have a FrSky remote control with which I am very comfortable. Thank you

I’ve been using the FrSky Archer RS receivers for 2.4GHz and the FrySky R9 MM-OTA receivers for 900MHz, both running ACCESS protocol