Which FC with GPS for Align T-Rex 450 FBL

Good evening,
maybe I have the opportunity to try to install a FC with GPS and external compass on an Align T-Rex 450 FBL. As there is not much room, which FC and external GPS can I install and above all where can I buy them, even used ones?
Thank you

I have a Trex 450 with a Mro X2.1 FC and a Mro GPS module. I recommend using a Matek H743 instead, it has a built in Voltage regulator for the FC and another for the servos, it also measures the voltage and current, very impressed with it, I put one on my Trex 470.

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Nice looking setup! Love the Matek Flight Controllers.

Have you looked at the traditional helicopter wiki. In the mounting the autopilot section, there is a video where I discuss what to consider when choosing a place to mount your controller.

I think side mounting it to the frame is a good choice as @ggibbons has done.

Thanks for the advice. Now I look where I can buy it. Any indication?

Yes, I watched the video. As an inexperienced I thought of installing it in the place where the Flaybarless control unit is now. But I will follow all your advice on this. Thank you

Sorry. Which GPS do you use paired with the FC Matek H743? Thank you

I used the mRo SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag (Medium Size) M10038 with the Matek H743 FC shown on the Trex 470 in the pictures above, side note, I purchased 2 Matek M8Q-5883 GPS and compass modules but have only tried them on the bench with the Matek FC, will put one on my 3rd Trex 470

I used the older mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N Dual Compass LIS3MDL+ IST8308 on the Trex 450 (shown above in the picture), on another Trex 470 and on two older Trex 550E V2 helis

The Matek H743-Wing V3 Flight Controller shows up on Graves RC, Race Day Quads and Progressive RC web sites and probably others, I purchased 2 of them from Graves RC no issues.

I bought a used rc helicopter today. It is, as mentioned, an electric Align T-Rex 450 BFL. I’m happy. Now I have to buy the HR and GPS.

Hi, today I bought the Matek H743-Wing V3. I can’t find the GPS you recommended; any other advice? Thank you

Hi, could this be okay? Thank you

Yes, should be fine, I have a couple of these, I purchased them from Graves RC but have not flown using them. Here is a link to the mRo GPS module I mounted on my Trex 470 mRo SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag (Medium Size) M10038

I looked at the site you indicated to me, unfortunately shipping to Italy costs 50% of the price of the GPS. I almost take the other one. First I look to see if I can find a shop with lower shipping costs. Thank you

Hello, the helicopter has arrived. Now I wait for the FC and GPS. In the meantime, I would like a suggestion on the receiver to use. I have a FrSky remote control with which I am very comfortable. Thank you

I’ve been using the FrSky Archer RS receivers for 2.4GHz and the FrySky R9 MM-OTA receivers for 900MHz, both running ACCESS protocol

Finally I started soldering the connections of the Mantek H743 Wing V3. I have to make connections with the FrSky Archer RS receiver. I don’t understand if I have to connect the SBUS_OUT or SBUS_IN pin of the receiver to the RX6 pin of the FC.
Thanks for your help.

Out. The receiver is supplying (outputting) data to the Flight Controller. Sbus In is for a redundancy feature if you had a 2nd Receiver on-board.

today i completed the assembly of the FC and did a temporary installation similar to how it will be on the model (FC rotated 90° on the roll axis). I set the “AHRS_ORIENTATION” parameter to 16), I configured the accelerometers and the compass, but the helicopter is 180°C upside down and the compass orientation shows “PICH=180”. What am I doing wrong?
I attach the link to the installation image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qsJPavVCaCjxQVU5sI-Qo0sL3_Nilb78/view?usp=share_link
Thank you