Which channel for steering?

I want to try ground steering, but for the love of me I can’t figure out where I tell APM which RC OUT pins are connected to the wheel?

I’ve set RC5_FUNCTION to GroundSteering (26) but I can’t seem to affect it using my transmitter. Can one nudge it while it’s steering?

I take it you’re nose gear isn’t linked to the rudder?

Have you setup the other parameters for ground steering like the steer2srv section, ground steer altitude and dps?

Mark is correct you need to setup all the parameters.
You still use the rudder stick to steer it. The ArduPilot know’s your on the ground and steers the wheel for you via your input’s on the rudder stick.
If you have set it on RC5_FUNCTION then the wheel servo needs to be plugged into RC5 output on the Pixhawk.
No other configuration is required from your transmitter for this i.e. you don’t need to set RC5 output on your transmitter.
Hope that helps. Let us know how you go.

Thanks, Grant.

Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try. I’ve set RC5 on my radio to forward the rudder input, and RC5 out on the Pixhawk is going to the wheel, which I steer with.

So I’ll add the parameters, and then remove the mix on my radio, assuming pixhawk will output RC5 based on what it receives on RC4.