Where to put the callsign.txt file in MavFTP?

Hi. There is provision of adding a file with the callsign of the operator so that it can be broadcast on the OSD of the flight computer (F765-WING in my case). Details are scant. I want to do this so I can be compliant with amateur radio operations requirements. I assume I just create a text file with my callsign in it (already done) but I don’t know where in the directory structure to place the file on the FC. Any help from somebody who has already done this would be appreciated. Maybe it should be documented in the relevant section of the documentation also.

I will keep fishing and I may strike the required location by trial and error.


Got this working. The file callsign.txt needs to be in the root directory of the SD card.

It might be nice if somebody added this factoid to the ardupilot documentation please :wink:.


best thing to do is open an issue on the wiki github:

also, ping @hwurzburg :slight_smile:

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this is already in the wiki under upcoming features since its a master only feature not in stable: https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-future-wiki-changes.html#integrated-osd-page

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Thanks for the update :smiley:

I have it working now, and it is commented here if anyone is looking for the answer :wink:.

PRs welcome! You can make such a PR directly in the github interface for
our Wiki (https://github.com/ardupilot/ardupilot_wiki) There also should
be a link to get there from our Wiki pages.

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