Where to Purchase a Zener Diode

I’m preparing my first FPV plane using a Pixhawk. I’m having trouble locating a Zener Diode. Where can one be purchased? Is the part number 1N5339 specific to a manufacture or based on an standardized naming conventionr? In other words is the same diode available under another part number? I have seen references to part number 1N5339B, but I don’t know if the ‘B’ is important. Will any Zener Diode rated at 5.6V and 5 Watts work.

This is all new to me, thanks for your patience.

Sorry, for those who may be able to help me locate a diode, I split my time between San Diego and Sacramento, California, USA.

The simple answer is, yes. I’m sure somebody on here local to SD area can point you in the direction of an Electronics store. Otherwise you can get them online easily enough.

Just do a search for 1N5339 on eBay, that,s were I get mine from

Or you local TV repair centre might have a few they would sell you.

Thanks for the responses. After calls to several electronic stores I found a TV repair shop that carried the diode.