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Where to get Legancy Ardupilot source code?

(Lasse Mäkinen) #1

I am looking the legacy ardupilot source codes that support ATMega328p processors and the red PCB from sparkfun.
Only links I have found are for google code, and they are all dead. Surely the source is kept somewhere or by someone?
If anyone could give me a link, it would be very much appreciated.

Just to let everybody know I am well aware of the newer HW etc. I need this for personal project and to fiddle a round. Also, I was thinking that the more simple code base would be a better way to learn the ins and outs of autopilot firmware, rather than trying to understand the inner workings of the current complex AMP firmware.

(Lars Kellogg Stedman) #2

The official source repository on github,, has code going back to 2010. I suspect that is legacy enough?