Where to find popularity of FCU


Recently I’m trying to build a vector-tail tricopter. For a full-size final version I would go for some pixhawk core-cube-style FCU, but I plan to build a smaller size prototype first (in the 5-7in range)

Features needed:

  • Flash space for the full formware (1MB+?)
  • At least supports 3 motors and 1 setvo for a tricopter, plus the basic IMU & Baro sensors (no GPS, Supersonic, ToF or airspeed needed yet)
  • If has ESC stack, should support 6s, or I could use standalone ESCs
  • Good to have BEC too
  • Fairly small size (4cm*4cm or similar)

I see there are plenty of listed in Open/Closed Hardware (I dont plan to recreate the hardware PCB anytime soon so I assume closed hardware could work), but where may I get an estimate how popular each hardware is? I feel like a larger user base would mean more tested-out and easier community support.

Also, apart from connectivity (ports), sensor redundancy and form factor, how would each hardware differ if they do support the same ArduCopter FW? Are they virtually the same at a tuning /coding level, just different port mapping? I guess the sensor performance could differ slightly but most are sufficient?

I would suggest an H7 based mini board with a matching ESC stack. A H7 based Wing board has the BECS but it may be too large for such a small plane. Matek and Holybro have each of these board styles.

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