Where to find MAVLink devices?

In the wiki for STorM32, there is a section on it’s MAVLink capabilities. MAVLink Communication - STorM32-BGC Wiki

The STorM32 has two separate MAVLink components - one for the gimbal, and a second one for camera control.

The wiki states that this can be observed in Mission Planner - as each of these are identified.

Can someone please help me find the screen in Mission Planner where MAVLink devices are identified?

Thank you!

If they providing mavlink heartbeat then should show up here image

Excellent Andras - Thank you!

I show three items - one clearly the gimbal - as it’s MAVLink System ID is shown in the STorM32 GUI tool - “71” (User43).

I assume System ID “2” (QuadRotor) is the Orange Cube.

I’m not sure about System ID “1” (All). I wouldn’t guess that this is the STorM32 camera controller - but perhaps it is.

Is there any other place to look for MAVLink devices to verify this?

Thank You!

mavlink heartbeats