Where to connect power leads for DJI Digital FPV Air Unit

Hello all,

I’ve been in FPV with multi-rotors for nearly a decade now, but I’m new to Ardupilot, so it’s a bit of a learning curve for me.

I’m trying to use the DJI Digital FPV system in a wing. I’m using a Cube Orange as my flight controller, and a 4S battery to power the wing. From the digging I’ve done, it looks like I use Telem 2 (serial 2) for the actual rx/tx connections to and from the DJI Air Unit. It looks like most of the connections to the carrier board for the Cube supply 5V, but the DJI Air Unit requires 7.4 - 17.6 V. My plan is to just grab this power off the battery leads. Is this the right approach, or is there a more appropriate place on the Cube carrier board I should grab Vbat from?

Thanks for any help.