Where to Add Devices

I’ve been pouring over the code, and I think I know what’s going on. I want to try and add support for the Revo oplink radio. From what I can see, whatever I write ties back to ArduCopter.cpp/Copter.h. That is where I SCHED_TASK for the update. I know I need to add the library (let’s say AP_Oplink) to some of the build scripts. Is there a document that further describes the process of adding an addt’l library? Thanks.

Assuming you’re using the Make system (not the waf one, I don’t have experience with it) the magic file you’re looking for might be ArduCopter/make.inc

(I don’t know if this is documented anywhere in the wiki-style docs.)

My memory is fuzzy… you might also have to add it inside ArduCopter/wscript. (or you might not?)

Sorry, I don’t know for sure, but I hope these clues might help to put you on a good path!