Where is the timestamp located in Arducopter dataflash log file?

For flight analysis purposes, I have recorded and downloaded the Arducopter flight DataFlash log file (filename.bin) using Mission Planner. Later I converted the “filename.bin” file into “filename.mat” file using the Mission Planner built-in “Dataflash logs” tool. The datetime timestamp is visible on the Mission Planner log browser; however, I only see timestamp (TimeUS : Time since system startup) in “filename.mat” file, but I was wondering where is the Unix time or epoch data is located.

To convert “filename.bin” to “filename.mat” I followed:

To explore the real dateTime data I followed:

No unix time/epoch/real datetime in “.mat” file as follows:

I don’t think it exists, I looked in the logs but none of the logs have some field like it.
May be due to the decrease in the size of logs.
But I think you can calculate it with GPS log.
Those logs include GMS and GWk.
So from there, you can calculate exactly what the TimeUS corresponds to in UNIX time.
I might be wrong about the existence of it but you can calculate like above :slight_smile: