Where is Positionhold?

Guys why has position hold been removed, it is one of the most useful modes i had for filming and it is gone???

IS there a reason, can it be put back in please?

Did there used to be some other mode besides Loiter? I don’t know what else you could really want. It holds 3 dimensional position and yaw position and you can move it manually?

He’s talking about Position mode. It holds lat. and long. but gives the pilot full control over the throttle. I also found this useful for filming before I had FPV. I didn’t even realize it was gone now though. Still, loiter should be able to do the same thing, just adjust climb/descend rates.

I think it is a Bug in Mission Planer. PosHold is Flightmode Nr8 witch is missing in the dropdown and help explanation since V. 1.2.94. Use full parameter list instaed.
But may its possible to resolve this, in Adrucopter 3.1.2 PosHold is still implemented.

Wow, I wish I’d known this before today. I did a ton of aerial video this weekend and thought my PosHold was gone, so I only used Loiter, which is not as good for vertical shots as PosHold. I need very fine throttle control and Loiter takes that direct control away. Happy it’s not gone.