Where is MP Beta?

Sorry for this totally noob question here. New to MP and open source, git, etc., since earlier this year. I’ve downloaded MP 1.3.37, then recently 1.3.38, and see where source code, issues, production releases, etc., all live, but I see Michael’s references to “beta” and I don’t know where/what that is. Is it simply building MP using the very latest files in Master? If so, that’s clear, though I don’t see where the executables are. Happy to help QA beta, but it’s one thing I need some guidance on.

Separately, I was able to install VisualStudio 2015, and build the latest MP, and am now stepping through debugger seeing how all this lays out. Great stuff. Hopefully that will allow me to be more self-sufficient in answering some of my own questions, such as dataflash log failures, + and - keyboard shortcuts on tlog playback, etc. I also aspire to parameterize some of the vario settings (deadband, pitch, mute sink option, etc.). Wish me luck.


Go to HELP sheet and push green button CHECK FOR BETA UPDATES

Thanks Cala2. I do recall seeing that option in help page previously. I just now updated my install to latest beta.

So does CHECK FOR BETA UPDATES grab the latest version of everything in Master? Or does Michael control when something is released for beta testing, independent of when it was incorporated into Master?

Last question on this topic: on Windows 7, am I able to have only one version of MP installed and active in the Program Files (x86) default location at a time? Meaning I’m running 1.3.37 or beta, but not both concurrently? Not clear to me with .dll’s, paths, etc…, how many versions of MP one can have installed and available for testing at once.