Where is desired altitude when in Auto (.BIN, or .tlog)?

I had a strange flight today - and I have an thery about what trigged it(bug?), but I need proper proof.

Flying a 19WP mission - when in Auto, plane would always descend from planned 100m to something else, I denied it to go below 50. - Guided mode, had no trouble staying at correct altitude, mission failed.

It just reduced throttle, maintained proper airspeed, and descended.

After a landing, and reboot, same mission worked as planned.

Question; having telemetry and .BIN logs, how/where can I see that ArduPlane actually had as altitude target, or altitude error ? I am not aware of no method of finding this information.

You can’t fly at 100m as this is the upper limit for drone flight. Fail save would kick in and the plan would just land.


Interesting. Is 100 meters boundary hardcoded somewhere? Is it easy to change to say 50 or 150 if we have a different rules in our country?

cossack; beside this going off topic, it’s not hardcoded, and there’s no such thing unless user enables and defines such geofence. Just disregard it.

I see my question may be hard to understand. - (the typos and half-edited subject does not help)
If i see .tlog show negative navpitch (descend), is there anything else in tlog, or .BIN that contains a clue on what target altitude the software were aiming for ? - so I can figure out what logic made it go below WP altitude ?