Where do i put Sik firmware so mission planner will install it

I am trying to update the firmware on some RFD900 radios using Mission Planner.

I have not had any success (it keeps installing V1.9 - I want V1.13.

Where do I put the radio firmware so that mission planner will use it when I do the Upload Firmware

Do I need to rename the file?

RFDSiK V1.13 rfd900p.ihx

I have tried the install folder, and the Mission Planner folder in Documents…

use the upload custom firmware button. its what its there for

I tried it, and it installed an older version of the firmware. I have downloaded the most recent firmware (and installed it with the Sik tools).

Where do I put/name the new firmware so that Mission Planner can do the upgrade?


Any updates? Thanks