Where do I find the binaries for the "ArduCopter-3.2.1-apm-px4" with hash "36b405fb"?

I have updated a 3DR X8 drone from V3.2.1 to V3.3.3, and after the update the battery voltage, current and other information (like GPS status) is not shown on the display of the transmitter.
I need to find out, if the transmitter (3DR FS-TH9X) is not compatible with the new APM:Copter firmware.
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The hash “36b405fb” is just a commit to bump the version.


This is the release… https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/releases/tag/ArduCopter-3.2.1-apm-px4

Yes, I have found that. But I was hoping for precompiled binaries. Unfortunately the firmware file server only has the newest build. I would be nice (and make sense) to store all released binaries…

Do I really need to compile it myself?

BTW. I actually figures out to make the telemetry to work. The output format needed to be set for FrSky. So the newest release (3.3.3) works :slight_smile:

BR Martin