Where can I get a Mavlink Compatible OSD these days

Hey all
Just wondering where one can get a Ardupilot compatible OSD these days.



If you want an analog system, take a look at Pitlabs.

I particularly like using the RC controlled Pitlabs menu system to change a number of functions all while goggled up, instead of looking at a phone/tablet display.

They also have a new V4 all in one system, which is the autopilot and OSD board combined. It can drive OSD displays for DJI and Walksnail systems. Keep in mind though, the analog system is graphical, which Pitlabs has had to integrate into a character based system. It doesn’t work as well as the analog.


Hey there
Thanks for the response. I did manage to find some Minimosd a the other day so ordered a couple of them. They are only about 10 bucks each and I have used them before so grabbed a couple.

thanks again.