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Where are the individual motor commands in a log file?

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I must be missing them somewhere;

Can someone help me find the individual motor commands in a log file? I can’t seem to find them…

(Peter Hall) #2

I think there not logged by by default,

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Hmm… I didn’t double check the actual parameter in the full param list, but “MOTBATT” is checked under standard parameters.

I’ll check the params

(Peter Hall) #4

you want 10 for RCOUT

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Ah ha! Ill double check whether im logging RCOUT or not in both the standard params and the full param list.

I assumed it was in “MOTBATT”


(...) #6

I got it.

Turns out RCOU was being logged. I forgot that I am using Dshot, so my motor outputs are CH9-14.

TL;DR for anyone in the future:

Individual motor outputs (or any OUTPUT for that matter) are represented in the logs under “RCOU” where C1, C2, etc refer to channel of output. However - dont forget that if you have changed the default outputs (ie - setup Dshot to output on CH9-14) that your motor #1 will be on CH9 (or whichever CH you have assigned it to), motor #2 will be on CH10, etc.