Where are the individual motor commands in a log file?

I must be missing them somewhere;

Can someone help me find the individual motor commands in a log file? I can’t seem to find them…

I think there not logged by by default, http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html#log-bitmask-log-bitmask

Hmm… I didn’t double check the actual parameter in the full param list, but “MOTBATT” is checked under standard parameters.

I’ll check the params

you want 10 for RCOUT

Ah ha! Ill double check whether im logging RCOUT or not in both the standard params and the full param list.

I assumed it was in “MOTBATT”


I got it.

Turns out RCOU was being logged. I forgot that I am using Dshot, so my motor outputs are CH9-14.

TL;DR for anyone in the future:

Individual motor outputs (or any OUTPUT for that matter) are represented in the logs under “RCOU” where C1, C2, etc refer to channel of output. However - dont forget that if you have changed the default outputs (ie - setup Dshot to output on CH9-14) that your motor #1 will be on CH9 (or whichever CH you have assigned it to), motor #2 will be on CH10, etc.