Where are Mavlink message for button in MP

Is there any mavlink message automaticly send to the FC when we pressed a button ? I mapped a button from a joystick controller, i can received data from analog joystick, but i don’t find any data send by mavlink for the button. Any idea where i can find this ? or do i need to send by myself a value ?

?? Not really understand. You can add some functions to a joy button in the joy setup which then sends the mavlink command related to that button.
Button presses are processed in the JostickBase.ProcessButtonEvent event handler.

Hello, thanks for your response.
I wanted to know if Mission Planner send automaticly mavlink message when we press a button and i wanted to know where. But i didn’t find any Mavlink message sent, so i do it by myself in my plugin (i don’t want to change the source code).

            buttons[0] = MainV2.joystick.isButtonPressed(0);

After that i just have to have an algo to manage this, and to send the mavlink message i want.