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When will the MSP support ardupilot?

Just to reply here as well

The is DJI Ocusync System is close to being EOL, this is really no good reason to implement the specific MSP Support for it now as it’s a dead end.

I’m forgetting but it’s only VERY minor differences on its Mavlink vs MSP support as it is.

Both the new DJI Digital FPV system and the upcoming Fat Shark Shark Bite System is what really needs support in Ardu as these are the future Digital FPV systems.

On the DJI the “custom OSD” and the Fat Shark via MSP is what needs support but that’s a much bigger task than just implementing MSP in Ardu as it also requires the UI in the GS to be able to configure the OSD elements and position.

For this to really work it will need Mission Planner to have the same OSD functionally as Both Inav and Betaflight configurator.

I really don’t know how feasible any of this is.

If there was an idea of cost to make this happen I may be able to push it along with the channel a bit but the old system is really not going to be around much longer.

I’m working at the MSP protocol implementation and would like some feedback.
I created a dedicated blog post here, would be great if you can join over there, thanks.


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