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When the traditional helicopter is at a higher altitude, the throttle lever can be lowered to the lowest position (the landing method similar to DJI P4P will not be locked)

When my helicopter is flying in the air, when the throttle stick is lowered below 25%, it will enter the slow start mode(AUTO RESTART TIME). It feels very dangerous. Can’t I get the throttle stick to the lowest position like DJI P4P ?

@blue0827ww The setup doesn’t sound like it is correct. post a log and parameter file

log and parameter file and Thank you very much


Not sure what the *.rlog file is. Please provide the *.bin or *.log file

@blue0827ww based on my review of your parameter file, the rotor speed controller will not change the output of SERVO8 to your ESC (55%) unless RC8 (motor interlock switch) is switched to the low PWM value. Do you have any mixing between the throttle stick (channel 3) and channel 8 output in your transmitter? That is the only with RSC_MODE 2 (ext engine governor setpoint) that the output value can change with movement of the throttle stick.

I set CH3 and CH8 on the throttle sticks, so when the throttle stick is in the low position, CH8 will also be in the low position. Am I right?

Log re-uploaded Thank you

That is not the correct way to set up the transmitter. Channel 8 should be on a separate switch.

1.Switch the CH8 switch to the low position before the helicopter takes off, and then switch to the high position after arming?
2.May I ask another question. This wrong setting will cause the helicopter to enter" Auto Restart Time "when the throttle stick is in the low position?

@blue0827ww here is my startup procedure

-Turn on transmitter
-Throttle stick on lower stop
-Channel 8 switch (motor interlock)- low pwm
-Connect battery to heli
-Wait for flight controller to boot up and indicate it is flight ready
-Arm heli and ensure solid green on flight controller
-Channel 8 switch- high pwm
-wait for heli to spool up
-raise throttle stick for takeoff

The transmitter with channel 8 connected to throttle stick is what caused the helicopter to enter the “auto restart time”. You basically shut the engine off when you lowered the throttle stick.

Thank you, finally solved the problem that puzzled me for a long time

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  1. I first turn on the ARM, and then move the CH8 switch lever to a higher position. The motor spins and takes off
    After landing in
    2.LOITER mode, the propeller continues to rotate without stopping by itself. Is it normal?

Yes. The motor will not stop in loiter until you move the channel 8 switch to the low position. This is true for all modes except Auto, RTL, Land and guided modes

Thank you very much for your reply

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