When switching from a manual to an auto, the throttle short term drops to 0

When switching from a manual to an auto, the throttle short term drops to 0 and the engine stalls? JETCAT P200

Please post a .bin (preferable) or .log file of the flight. To me it sounds like MANUAL is set up to fly way faster than AUTO.
If the engine stalls you should check your motor settings and decrease slew rate if it was configured correctly.

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Slew rate He complies, but before that, the throttle drops to 0 nominal years, I switch from manual to auto

How do you stop a Nitro plane from cutting the engine in flight?

For internal combustion motor planes (which can be prone to cutting the engine at low throttle), you should use the following settings:

That will prevent the throttle dropping below 10%, but will give you manual throttle control for idling while on the ground, and manual throttle control in stabilisation modes (such as FBWA and STABILIZE) for shutting down the motor when you need to.

THR_SLEWRATE can also aid in prevention of a nitro engine stalling in flight by slowing the throttle advance from going wide open to quickly. Fixed Wing FAQ — Plane documentation (ardupilot.org)

THR_SUPP_MAN: Throttle suppress manual passthru

Note: This parameter is for advanced users

When throttle is suppressed in auto mode it is normally forced to zero. If you enable this option, then while suppressed it will be manual throttle. This is useful on petrol engines to hold the idle throttle manually while waiting for takeoff

Value Meaning

0 Disabled
1 Enabled