When landing, the plane does not reach the landing point

Hi all! I can’t figure out what parameters to tweak so that there is an even glide path. The aircraft weighs 23kg, wingspan 3.6m. each attempt to adjust the parameters may end in a crash, so there is no particular opportunity to experiment. It usually does not fly 130-160m to the landing point. When landing, there is a very sharp decline over 180 meters, and the flight is at low altitude. A rangefinder is installed on board for a better fit, but I can’t figure out what parameters I should fix, because in manual mode I land it perfectly.

I am sure you are well aware of the contents of the following link, but again, please focus on the flare point.


The flare point is calculated in the following part of the source code.

I roughly calculated from your log that the flare point is about 200m short of the landing point. The auto-landing process appears to be working correctly.

To resolve this issue, I would suggest adjusting the parameters as follows;

  • Decrease LAND_FLARE_ALT
  • Decrease LAND_FLARE_SEC
  • Decrease the speed of the landing start point.

LAND_FLARE_AIM was added in Ver. 4.4. It is recommended to try this option as well.

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