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(jasonbeach) #1

I am using a companion computer to control a pixhawk by uploading waypoints to it, monitoring the vehicles progress, uploading more waypoints, etc. The missions that are uploaded are ROI / Waypoint pairs i.e.
Seq 0 is the home waypoint
Seq 1 is an ROI
Seq 2 is a waypoint
Seq 3 is an ROI
Seq 4 is a waypoint

I have been monitoring the mission’s progress via the MISSION_CURRENT message however I would like to use the MISSION_ITEM_REACHED (theoretically to give a more timely update when a waypoint is reached) however I appear to only receive a MISSION_ITEM_REACHED after the ROIs (and actually not all of them–there appear to be some that a message that never got sent). For waypoints I never receive a MISSION_ITEM_REACHED message, but do receive a STATUSTEXT message indicating the command has been reached (and incidently I do not receive a STATUSTEXT message have to ROIs are processed).

What’s the criteria for when a MISSION_ITEM_REACHED message is sent?

(Amilcar Lucas) #2

I am also very interested on your findings.