When calibrating pixhawk is battery power and usb power required

Is it necessary to have battery power connected when calibrating pixhawk 2.4.8
I thought that with the usb connected it supplied the power source from my computer.
I also thought that having both connected could damage the computer or pixhawk.

You don’t need the battery if hooked up via USB. Having both connected should not damage anything . I find it is easier running off of battery instead because of the size of my vehicle.

Hi David,

Would you mind having a look at the attached youtube video I made and see if you can see what, if anything I am doing wrong. After calibration you will see that the boat is pointing 15 degrees east of north. I have tried calibrating without the internal compass and still get the same result.

Looks like the video is not ready yet. Are you calibrating the IMU or the Compass?

I made the video private and thought I could just send you the link. I will see how else I can send it.

I have put the link within brackets, see if that works.

You need to calibrate the compass outside away from magnetic interference. Its best performed when mounted in the vehicle. I’m surprised the IMU calibration worked just holding it on all the side like you did.

Thank you, I have calibrated it out side and get the same result. I don’t want to install it in my torpedo until I know for sure it’s going to work. It’s quite big and heavy and would be difficult to turn this way and that. BTW I calibrated an amp 2.6 ok without any interference and that was inside. Thanks for having a look.