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When booted w/o RC link, servos crazy moving on the ground

When I boot my plane without RC link, it’s naturally in RTL mode, but when GPS is getting fix, plane “navigate” like crazy on the ground and servos are dancing. Is there a way how to avoid it, e.g. to pospone navigation after first arm?
I have INITIAL_MODE set to 0 (so mannual).

I’m running a Matek F765-WING on 4.0.6. Even when I have a dozen sats, if I don’t have the transmitter turned on, I will get random servo movements. I’ve been working on FC config/setup the past several days and have noticed servo movement…not just chatter, but movements up to 90 degrees.

Then it’s similar to mine. I’m always afraid that servos will overheat and burn from overload. We’d need someone with deep knowledge of ardupilot to tell us if it can be avoided and how…
Is here anyone???

Switch on the RC radio first.
For testing on the bench power the AP by USB only.
Normally the servo’s are not powered in this situation.

The standard procedure is to turn on the RC TX first, then the aircraft. If you want to keep the servos outputs from moving before the vehicle is armed, use the ARMING_REQUIRE parameter with a value of 1 or 2. Then arm the aircraft using rudder or GCS.

Thanks! I don’t use conventional RC radio, but control plane over mavlink so plane is often booted before data transfer link is estabilished, this is why I’d like to calm servos until whole chain is connected.

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