Wheel Encoder for Rover4.2+ revision

The wheel encoders were working perfectly with Rover 4.1, but I just recently upgraded to Rover 4.2.3 and can’t seem to get them working again. I have re-read the instructions on Wheel Encoders — Rover documentation , but I have not been able to understand the V4.2 instructions. I tried setting the SERVO_GPIO_MASK to 15360 (Servo 11-Servo14 checked) or all unchecked, and then set Servo11(12,13,14)_FUNCTION to -1. But still no encoder changes. Is this correct? Thanks!

Read this instead. If you are connecting the wheel encoders to pins in an IOMCU, they cannot be inputs. On Pixhawk1’s I connect them to AUX’s (μP pins through TXS0108E).

I use SERVO_GPIO_MASK=0; it is for other function.

Forget Rover v4.2x and previous: they contain an important timing bug. Randy is preparing Rover v4.3beta5 with several corrections and many improvements.