What's the latency of flying off of telemetry radio with usb joystick

Hi everyone! I’m trying to make a quad fly off solely the telemetry radio via USB joystick and mission planner. However this will greatly affect the final design of my setup, so before I pursue it further, what’s the latency like? I have done some research but haven’t found a really good explanation. I saw several videos on youtube and it seems relatively comparable to a traditional radio when taking into account the difference in length of a full joystick as opposed to thumbsticks. Of course, I don’t expect it to be good enough for something like fpv acrobatics flights nor fully as fast as your traditional tx/rx setup, but the platform I wish to control is a slow-moving mostly hovering medium-sized quad. Since it’s running Open HD as the main fpv system which already has a decent amount of latency, the acceptable margin is decently high. Thanks!

There are too many variables here to give a solid answer. I think the best solution is just to try it out and see what you think for the given application.

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Thank you! Makes sense on the lack of definite answers online. I do guess it is a safe assumption that latency will be higher than a traditional rx/tx radio setup.