What's the differences between RNGFND_TYPE and RNGFND2_TYPE


I want to use LidarLite v3 for rangefinder through pwm, when I ready to set the parameters, I find two similar parameters, RNGFND_TYPE and RNGFND2_TYPE, what’s the differences between them, which one should I use?

Thanks a lot


Hi Tom,

RNGFND2 is for a second rangefinder. Those two parameters are exactly the same, but the first is for the first connected rangefinder and the second for a second rangefinder you might have connected.


Thanks for you response.

if I just connect one rangefinder on pixhawk, for example, LidarLite v3, pwm interface connect to pixhawk, which parameter should I use, RNGFND or RNGFND2


You should use RNGFND.

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