Whats is the best gimball?

I have A quadcopter S500 with pixhawk
The gimball is basecam V 2.2
my gimball vibrate not professional, I want to change it, and buy good gimbal, what it the best???

I am running Basecam 2.63b0 and it very stable. The Gimbal is my own design but it did take a lot of work getting it tunned correctly.

David Ardis

Personally I wouldn’t use a gimbal and a camera on that frame or any other frame that uses DJI style arms.

Which gimbal, AKA the mechanics, you use depends on which style of camera you wish to use and if you want 2 or 3 axis control.

For a 2 axis gimbal, a simple AlexMos/BaseCam 8-bit 2 axis (roll and pitch) controller is more than adequate. For a 3 axis gimbal (roll, pitch, and yaw), I prefer the STorM32 controller.

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