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What's going on with jdrones?

Hi, has anyone ordered from JDrones recently?

I put in an order for 2X RFD900X air units on january 28th. It seems that the order has yet to ship, and still says “processing”. I have tried to reach them multiple times, both through their website form and by phone (with 12 hours lag and using a VoIP app to call in Thailand), complete silence both times. The phone rings then just hangs up after a while, no voicemail even.

If I don’t hear anything from them in a few days, I’m thinking of filing a complaint through paypal to try and get my money back.

Just wanted to give an update on this.

I never heard from jdrones so I ended up filing a dispute through paypal. Paypal attempted to contact jdrones and also did not get a reply.

Fortunately I got my money back. However, jdrones seemed like a reputable company (they sponsor this forum?). I hope everything is OK with them.

According to our information, Mr Janny, the owner of JDRONES went back to Finland (he used to live in Thailand). We are also getting very confused as we used to order from them as well. He is also the caretaker of this forum.

Fortunately there are many caretakers for ArduPilot.
@jani_hirvinen has moved recently and I’m sure you can imagine that would be challenging to accomplish without some service disruptions. Please be patient.

Servers by jDrones