Whats going on in London at Gatwick Airport

I have been reading that they have had the airport almost entirely closed since Wednesday due to numerous drones flying over the runway!!

I think that here nobody support those dangerous and illegal flight.

Really sad to read about those problems…

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this has been a major travel disruption for thousands of individuals. Hopefully they catch the idiot that is doing this and punish him severely. It is going to be people like that, that are going to ruin this for all or at least make the barriers to entry that much higher.

I for one do not support this without prior authorization from the airport tower. I have flown within the bounds of our local airport with prior approval and coordination as well as having a AM radio on hand to report any flyaways to any aviation traffic in the area. One thing that always got me was that the only approval needed was a verbal yes or no from the tower nothing written, which is why I now email to get written proof as well as a call to them to let them know when where and for how long. Best to give them a bearing and distance from their location as well as times flying and at what height.

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It appears 2 people have been arrested. No details released so far.