What's an Arduboat?

Just an example.


Oh my! Where do I send you the bill for my laptop; I ruined it with drool just now! Man, that is awesome. Thanks for sharing and giving the great narrative about it. I did not know you could use both Ackerman and Skid Steer at the same time.

And the way you have your ground control station so well setup. I know you worked hard on this project.

I have received all the parts to build a boogie board depth finding boat like Randy @rmackay9 demonstrated. I’m excited to get started on it soon.

This is inspirational!

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I usually just use thrust and Ackerman steering. On this particular day I was testing 3.5rc2 I think so I tried to make thing more complicated. I just bought a Pi 3B+ and I am considering going to cellular 4G control.

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Hello Kenny,

Have you started to build the boogie board boat yet? I also have purchased parts to build one. Right now im waiting for thrusters and ESCs. Im wondering if I can simply use the same parameters that @rmackay9 has used on his boat. I compared his parameters with the rover 4.0 and seems there are a lot of changes.

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nice to see the pic…

I think these are the params I used for my boat (you probably already found them but just in case) so hopefully this is a good start… I guess there are 23 params changed which isn’t too many…

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Sadly, I bought all the parts about 2 years ago, but another higher priority project came up. I am still planning to build the boat. I hope to get to it in a couple of months.
Please share your experience with us! I certainly am interested.

I was having issues getting the Shark 30amp ESCs to work with Pixhawk. I got the ESCs working now. I wanted to know why the ESCs were working with the reciever and not the pixhawk. I measure the voltage from output 1 & 3 at the pixhawk. Throttle low .277v throttle high .341v. Measured the votlage coming from receiver throttle high was over .4v. So I changed the servo outputs max from 1900 to 2200. after that the ESCs work just fine.

I got the motors mounted today and going to test it today if the rain stops!

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Thanks @rmackay9 for giving me the inspiration to start this project. My first manual test tonight. Next step is how I’ll mount the deeper pro+ sonar and start making maps. Url link to the video


Excellent concept!
Can you please test it in rough waters? Would like to build something similar but to use near the coast…

Thank you


That’s looking really good! The boogie board boat really is wonderfully responsive and efficient.


I’ve tested a similar design in rougher waters and the issue I’ve seen is that the nose can get caught under a wave and if the boat is in an autonomous mode it can end up fighting hard to move forward but with it’s nose pointing down into the water which doesn’t go well… basically it gets stuck. This problem can be somewhat reduced by moving the center of gravity backwards but then a similar problem happens if the vehicle ever tries to backup… so my view is the boogie board boat is fantastic in calm waters but struggles a bit with waves.


@alex_in_china That looks awesome! You are inspiring me to get my boogie board project going soon! Thanks for sharing and I also thank @rmackay9 for the initial inspiration!