What Would Cause Me Not To Be Able to Enable PosHold?

My craft took off yesterday; luckily I found it a mile away. Anyway, in looking at the logs, I see it failed to enter PosHold as well as Auto. The craft had a great HDOP and SatCount, so I’m not sure what happened. Please see log attached. Thanks!

At take off it had a very bad GPS position. Can’t tell from the logs where you took off from but was all over the place. You may have been by some tree which can cause all kinds of issues. It could not enter those modes because of bad GPS lock.

When the GPS was able to get a good fix home must have been set far away as it entered RTL and went there.


@iseries thanks. Where in the log do you see the very bad GPS position? Thanks!

You can see that only a little before the HomeSet is recorded is that you start having reasonable GPS coverage. Then the RTL kicked in :slight_smile:

Advise: Fly with a telemetry link. That way you’ll know that the flight modes were refused :slight_smile:

@LuisVale how did you create that graph? That doesn’t look like MP. Now that I have the Dragonlink working with bidirectional telemetry, I need to assemble my ground station machine. Thanks!

Default APM Planner 2.0,23 RC4