What would be an admissable ope-source SITL simulator for a quadplane

Dear all,

I’ve been searching in the available documentation and also here in this forum for any good SITL solutions for quadplane. I used JSBSim in the past for testing nonlinear flight control methodologies for a regular pusher fixed-wing but from what I’ve found so far, this simulator can’t handle properly a quadplane configuration. I’ve ruled out the idea of using the built-in SITL library because it doesn’t even include aircraft rotational inertia (moments of inertia) and the comments on the code clearly state that the aerodynamic modelling is not accurate.

Therefore, my questions is: does anyone know if any of the open-source simulators described in the simulation tab of the official Ardupilot documentation is appropriate for testing a quadplane configuration?

Ideally, I would like to be able to define my configuration (moments of inertia, mass, aerodynamic coefficients, rotor arms, mass, etc) so that the simulation could give me a glimpse of the performance I can achieve with Ardupilot.

Thanks in advance for any help that may come and I hope that this helps other people with the same doubts as me.



Did you look at gazebo, or RealFlight8 ?

Dear amilcarlucas,

Thanks for the comment. Haven’t tried gazebo yet because the Ardupilot official page says there is no built-in support at the moment. Realflight8 is commercial and I’m looking for open-source solutions only. Have you used Gazebo? If so, do you recommend it for quadplane? Is it fairly intuitive to follow the online documentation?



Yes, gazebo works and has good ROS integration.