What waf board type do I use with my V3 Pixhawk1 ? 2MB versus 1MB?

I just purchased a Pixhawk 1 FC. It says 2.4.8 on it, but what does that mean ?

I’m able to install arduplane 3.9.3 on it easily using qGroundControl. However, I cannot get my own build of the same arduplane to connect with qGroundControl. One thing I notice is that qGroundControl installs a 2MB firmware file. The firmware file generated by my build process is ~ 1MB.

From qGroundControl:

ver hw
HW arch: PX4FMU_V2

ver mcu
MCU: STM32F42x, rev. 3

When I do a firmware install in qGroundControl, it says:

Found device: PX4 FMU V2
Connected to bootloader:
Version 4
Board ID: 9
Flash size: 2080768

$ waf list_boards
aero aerofc-v1 airbotf4 bbbmini bebop bhat blue crazyflie2 CUAVv5 cube-red CubeBlack CubeYellow dark disco DrotekP3Pro edge erleboard erlebrain2 F35Lightning f405-min f427-min F4BY f767-min fmuv2 fmuv3 fmuv4 fmuv4-beta fmuv5 iomcu KakuteF4 KakuteF7 linux MatekF405 MatekF405-STD MatekF405-Wing mindpx-v2 mini-pix mRoX21 mRoX21-777 navio navio2 ocpoc_zynq omnibusf4pro omnibusf4v6 OMNIBUSF7V2 OmnibusNanoV6 PH4-mini Pixhawk1 Pixhawk4 Pixracer pocket px4-v1 px4-v2 px4-v3 px4-v4 px4-v4pro pxf pxfmini revo-mini rst_zynq sitl skyviper-f412 skyviper-f412-rev1 skyviper-v2450 skyviper-v2450-px4 sparky2 speedybeef4 zynq

Which board type am I supposed to use ?

Here is the build process I use:

make clean
waf clean
waf configure --board board_type_from_list_above
waf plane --upload


px4-v2 surprisingly :smiley:

If you are a hardcore, open it, check the processor revision number, and if it not A, Y, or 1 then you can upgrade the bootloader and use Px4-V3. (https://docs.px4.io/en/advanced_config/bootloader_update.html)